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The best price for your business can be obtained by collaboration-AKSI with ActionPay

Make your business transactions easier and more practical with ActionPay

Save Send Money anywhere for every Transaction without any additional fees

Antar Bank (Mobile)

Starting from
Rp 1.500 /Transaksi

Antar Bank (CMS)

Starting from
Rp 2.000 /Transaksi

And dozens of other banks

Available API / Dashboard Integration Including other supporting features

Receive money for more affordable transactions

Antar Bank

Starting from
IDR 2,500 /Transaction

Antar Member

Starting from
Rp 0 /Transaksi

And dozens of other banks

Receive money via bank transfer / virtual account from all banks in Indonesia.
Integration with your platform via API / Dashboard.
Includes other supporting features​

Kirim Uang ke Luar Negeri dengan kurs kompetitif dan biaya terjangkau

Transfer Uang Ke Luar Negeri

Starting from
Rp 25.000 /Transaksi

Kirim uang ke seluruh Bank Luar Negeri lebih mudah Integrasi dengan platform Anda melalui API / Dashboard Termasuk Fitur pendukung lainnya

Transaction QR Code Indonesian Standard

Transaction with QR code​

Melalui Mobile Banking & E-Wallet

/ transaction amount

Transaksi ActionLink

/ transaction amount

Collection Transactions

Collection transaction for every bill paid

IDR 2,000 / Bill

Via E-Wallet

Via ActionPay

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